Doggie Tea - A Review by Rocco the Cavalier

November 04, 2015


Woof! Hi! I'm Rocco the King Charles Cavalier and this is my review of Doggie Tea - Australia’s first tea for dogs!

Not only does tea for dogs sound like a pawsome idea, but there are so many benefits for us pooches. My personal favourite is the ‘Love Me’ tea! It’s lip lickin’ good! As soon as Mum starts making it, my nose starts twitching and I start lickin’ my lips in anticipation. It’s scrummo! But it’s also really, really beneficial for me. Who knew something healthy could taste so good? Ma, are you sure it’s healthy?! Okay, Ma is gonna tell you guys all about why she loves Doggie Tea!

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Hi I'm Rocco's Mum Jess.

Doggie Tea was something that immediately caught my attention for two reasons

  1. I’d never seen anything like it 
  2. There were so, so many benefits.

If you have Cavalier, you’d know they are prone to health issues so I’m always up to try things that have benefits. Even if you don’t have a Cavalier or a dog who is particularly prone to many health issues, Doggie Tea has so many benefits for all dogs of any shape and size.

Like it says above, Rocco’s favourite is the ‘Love Me’ tea. I’ll ask him “do you want some tea?” and he runs to the kitchen, his tail wagging as he waits. Once I’ve diluted it and cooled it (he likes it with some ice cubes in it), he goes crazy as he drinks it. He loves it!

Cavaliers are prone to heart issues, so the fact that this tea can assist with cardiovascular function is an amazing benefit to me. All the benefits are good, as it assists with brain, liver, kidney, gallbladder, cardiovascular function and brain circulation. What’s not to love? The tea itself contains all organic ingredients which are clearly listed on the website, and all the ingredients are also safe for humans too.

I honestly love this product. It’s original, healthy, and yummy and nothing makes me happier than knowing Rocco is having something that is all natural and beneficial for him and something that he enjoys. It’s not something I have to try and force him to have, he happily slurps it up, leaving a trail of mess in the process! Haha!  

Also, I have to note how cute the packaging is. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and Doggie Tea knocks it out of the park! 


Doggie Tea can be found on Instagram at @doggietea

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