Doggie Tea - A Review by Casper the Golden Retriever

December 01, 2015


Woof Woof! Hi! My name is Casper, a Golden Retriever from Melbourne and I give Doggie Tea 5 Paws!

doggie tea review

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I have been drinking Doggie Tea for a couple of months now and I pawsitively love it!

My thoughts on Love Me tea

As an energetic (ball obsessed) golden retriever with a full social schedule - adventuring along the creek, swimming and digging at the beach or playing with my fur-friends at doggy day care; it is important to keep myself in tip top condition. After a hard day playing it is so nice to relax at night with a bowl of Love Me Doggie Tea - great for relaxing and assists my organ function and blood circulation. The tea works from the inside out and this is one of the secrets to my gorgeous golden locks!

My favourite tea, to keep my doggie breath fresh!

My favourite tea would have to be the Kiss Me tea – as a large lap dog (really I am) it helps to keep my breath smelling fresh - the humans love it and the girls at day care swoon. The organic pawsome ingredients improve my digestion and make my breath smell delish. I do have to hide this from my humans as it is so yummy!

kiss me doggie tea

Cool ways to make my tea

As the weather heats up my mum freezes the tea into special doggie iceblocks – refreshing and freshening all in one bowl of goodness. Unfortunately my paws can’t use the kettle, but my mum diffuses a teaspoon of tea, allows it to cool and tips it into my bowl or freezes it overnight into ice cubes. It is so nice to have a change from water too.

Why should our human family get to be the only ones looking after their health I say?

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